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Eli Altman of A Hundred Monkeys on Ghost Kitchen naming

EP 24 / Eli Altman / Naming Expert on Ghost/Virtual Kitchens

Eli is a naming maverick and has manned the helm at A Hundred Monkeys, a Berkeley California based naming studio, for quite some time. I tapped his brain in this episode to talk about naming ghost kitchens and virtual brands. We dive into how the mold has been broken on the “rules” of naming and where things are going as a result.

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Cinnaholic leadership podcast interview on Forktales

EP 23 / Heather Stennis & LeAnne Cavallero / Cinnaholic

My chat with LeAnne and Heather is as sweet as the food at Cinnaholics. We chat about their rise to leadership within the organization and how the brand has realized growth during the pandemic and in the aftermath. We dive into their working relationship and how the collaboration has created a powerhouse of a brand.

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Michael Pavone of Pavone Marketing Group

EP 22 / Michael Pavone / Founder of Pavone Marketing Group

The news is out! Vigor has been acquired by Pavone Marketing Group. This marks a huge step forward for the organization. In this episode, Michael Pavone, founder of Pavone Marketing Group, unpacks why this acquisition makes sense and what the future looks like for the organization. He also touches on why peanut butter is absolutely fantastic.

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Restaurant podcast episode with QSR Uncut podcast hosts

EP 21 / QSR Uncut

In this episode of Forktales, we replay QSR Uncut’s second episode. QSR Uncut is the newest podcast from the folks at QSR Magazine. Hosts Danny Klein and Ben Colley cover the week’s trends and headlines. In this episode, Joseph Szala, managing director of Vigor chimes in with his expertise.

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Zack Oates, founder of Ovation, lover of customer feedback

EP 20 / Zack Oates / Founder of Ovation, Lover of Feedback

My chat with Zack is as high energy and engaging as he is in person. He’s genuinely passionate about the human condition and customer feedback and in this episode we meander through the details of how he founded Ovation, why Ovation is changing the game, and a little insight into his dating life.

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Bobby Shaw, COO of Sheridan's Unforked, host of Cutting Onions

EP 19 / Bobby Shaw / COO of Sheridan’s Unforked, Host of Cutting Onions Podcast

Bobby Shaw is a man with a remarkable resume. Working for brands such as Chipotle, McDonald’s, Freebirds World Burrito and more, Bobby has amassed a fantastic treasure trove of knowledge. In this episode we talk about the challenges facing the restaurant industry today from an operations perspective, and what’s new in his world has he takes the helm of Sheridan’s Unforked.

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Podcast episode with chef Scott Conant author of Peace. Love. Pasta.

EP 18 / Scott Conant / Cook, Chef, Author of Peace, Love, and Pasta

In my chat with Scott, we dive into the passion behind Italian food and home cooking. We discuss the trajectory and path from cook to James Beard Award-winning chef, developing his personality and approach, and his thoughts on what’s next in the restaurant world. It’s a fantastic discussion that will leave you hungry for great food and for advancing your professional and personal life.

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Ricky Raman from Peachstate Hospitality on the state of Hotel F&B

EP 15 / Ricky Raman / COO of Peachstate Hospitality Group

Ricky is a fantastic wealth of knowledge when it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry. Serving as COO for one of Marriott International’s top hotel management companies, Ricky has led the charge in creating new experiences that challenge what people expect from limited-service hotels. His activity in the industry also keeps him at the forefront of what’s happening now and what’s happening next. We dive into that knowledge and have a lot of fun doing it in this week’s episode.

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Tom DuFore of Big Sky Franchise

EP 13 / Tom Dufore / Big Sky Franchise Guru

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge around the franchise industry and how restaurant franchises can win the post pandemic world. In his career, he’s helped many brands scale. He’s also seen where brands have gone wrong. In this episode he shares that knowledge in full detail.

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