Di Dang and Tuyet Nhi Le of Happy Endings Hospitality

EP 12 / Di Dang & Tuyet Nhi Le of Happy Endings Hospitality

I’ve been enamored with the Happy Endings Hospitality company for over a year now. Not only because their restaurant brand names are fun and risqué, but because they have a dedication to their team and organization unlike any other hospitality company I’ve encountered. In this episode, we unpack why they believe in uplifting their team so much, and how they simultaneously approach the growth of each person and their company.

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Restaurant podcast episode with Andrew Gruel of Slapfish

EP 11 / Andrew Gruel / Founder of Slapfish, and lover of seafood and honesty

Started as a chef, and is now a restaurant industry leader, Andrew Gruel has a fantastic story of his journey. He spent years at the helm of Seafood for the Future, a non-profit focused on sustainable resourcing of the Pacific ocean and its bounty of life. When that opportunity ended, he launched in Slapfish, a food truck that took the nation and social media by storm. From that truck, the brand flourished into a growing brand that spans the nation.

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Danny Klein, editorial director FoodNewsMedia podcast

EP 10 / Danny Klein / Editorial Director at Food News Media

Danny serves as the editorial director at Food News Media who’s properties include QSR Magazine and FSR Magazine. A byproduct of his post is an acute understanding of what’s happening in the restaurant industry and what’s coming down the pike. In this episode, we unpack some of the trends and challenges the industry is facing, along with some of Danny’s perspectives on what’s coming next.

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Restaurant branding and marketing podcast with Paul Macaluso of Another Broken Egg Café

EP 08 / Paul Macaluso / CEO of Another Broken Egg Café

My chat with Paul unpacks his unique approach to building a culture of resilience within Another Broken Egg Café’s system. Nearly immediately after manning the helm at ABE, the pandemic hit hard. Through his leadership and agility, he was able to operationally pivot like a maverick to not only stay afloat but to thrive and charge ahead. He shares a bit about how he did it and more in this episode of Forktales!

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Chip Klose, marketing strategist for the restaurant industry

EP 07 / Chip Klose / Marketing Strategist, Podcast Host

Chip Klose and I discuss the nuances of restaurant marketing in today’s reality and how Field of Dreams isn’t a good methodology for opening a new restaurant concept. From tidbits of how to launch strong marketing to some pet peeves in poor ideas for marketing, we cover the bases on how to create winning strategies.

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Ayman Kamel of 5Church Atlanta podcast

EP 06 / Ayman Kamel / Owner of 5Church

After founding 5Church, Mr. Kamel has steadfastly grown a strong culture while pushing ahead through the pandemic. His love of Sun Tsu’s The Art of War has served as a guide and inspiration for the interiors of 5Church. Find out how.

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Greg Golkin partner at Kitchen Fund

EP 05 / Greg Golkin / Partner @ Kitchen Fund

Greg has invested in numerous well-known restaurants. His keen eye for that magic spark and his love for restaurants and the future the industry drive his success. In this episode, we unpack the details of what he sees for the future and what gets his attention when it comes to evaluating opportunities.

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Betsy Hamm, CEO of Duck Donuts

EP 03 / Betsy Hamm / CEO of Duck Donuts

Betsy Hamm is a two-horned unicorn charging ahead at a growing brand. At the time of this recording she had been promoted from Marketing Director to COO and since that time she has taken up post as the brand’s CEO.

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Podcast interview with Kelli Valade of Black Box Intelligence

EP 02 / Kelli Valade / President of Black Box Intelligence

In this episode, I chat with Kelli Valade of Black Box Intelligence. Black Box Intelligence is a suite of data and insights products created to simplify the lives of restaurant operators. We discuss the state of the restaurant industry, upcoming trends, and how brands can come out of the pandemic swinging.

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