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Podcast episode with Chad Horn of Devour, cryptocurrency NFT for restaurants

EP 39 / Chad Horn / Co-founder of Devour & Restaurant Crypto Pioneer

Chad is an absolute pioneer when it comes to cryptocurrency and NFTs in the restaurant space. In this episode, he takes the time to break down the basics of the blockchain, crypto and NFTs, how restaurants can capitalize, and what the future looks like in this space. It’s a brave new world and Chad’s company Devour is one you’ll hear about more and more.

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Podcast episode with Samuel Stanovich Chicago Sam of Big Chicken

EP 38 / Samuel Stanovich / A big conversation with the SVP of Big Chicken

From Firehouse Subs to the National Restaurant Association, media personality and more, Sam Stanovich is an icon of the restaurant industry. He has recently taken up post as Senior Vice President of Development at the up and coming brand Big Chicken. You may have heard of it because it’s the passion project of Shaquille O’Neal. In this episode we unpack Sam’s journey, his love for the industry, what’s on the horizon for Big Chicken, and, of course, we talk about the “big guy.”

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Melvin Delacerda, President of Johnny's Pizza House & Empowerer of the People

EP 37 / Melvin Delacerda / President of Johnny’s Pizza House & Empowerer of People

The Johnny’s Pizza House is one of the American Dream playing out from Johnny Huntsman’s first location in 1974 where he introduced the people of North Louisiana to pizza, the whole way to 2022 where the brand is now fully owned by the employees. JPH has been dominating the region for decades with their family-forward, sharing is caring attitude. In this episode, I sit with friend and former client, Melvin Delacerda to unpack the magic that makes JPH a fantastic place to work.

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Forktales podcast episode with Alex Canter of Nextbite and Virtual Restaurant Afficionado

EP 36 / Alex Canter / Founder of Nextbite, Virtual Restaurant Afficionado

Alex was born into a restaurant world. From his family’s deli to launching his own virtual restaurant concepts from its kitchen, Alex has been spearheading the virtual restaurant revolution. More recently he’s launched Nextbite as a platform for helping other restaurateurs realize the exponential income that comes from solid operations of VR brands. In this episode, we unpack his journey then discuss how virtual restaurants are changing the game for both consumers and restaurant operators around the nation. We dive into Nextbite’s path forward and the future of the restaurant industry as a whole.

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Podcast episode with Michael Attias founder of CaterZen and Catering Mastermind

EP 35 / Michael Attias / Founder of CaterZen & Mastermind of Catering Sales

Catering has long been a fantastic way to grow sales for restaurants. However, for many, selling catering is a chore at best and an impossible enigma at worst. Michael Attias cracked the code for his own restaurant then springboarded into creating the tools and insights necessary for any enterprising restaurateur to build sales via a strong, successful catering program. In this episode, we tap into his knowledge and insights and the magic of CaterZen.

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Chef Kenny Gilbert of Silkie's Chicken & Champagne, Beater of Bobby Flay and Personal Chef to Oprah Winfrey

EP 34 / Chef Kenny Gilbert / Founder of Silkie’s Chicken & Champagne, Beater of Bobby Flay

Chef Kenny Gilbert is the founder of Silkie’s Chicken & Champagne Bar and Chef Kenny Brands. In his career he’s cooked for Oprah, still does in fact, and beat Bobby Flay on national TV. In this episode he lays out how he got to this level in his career, and what makes a fantastic fried chicken dish. We discuss his journey and how others can rise up in the culinary world.

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Forktales podcast episode with Gregory Don Nasser of Borne

EP 33 / Gregory Don Nasser / CEO & Founder of Borne, Data Fanatic & Restaurant Hero

Gregory is an industry veteran with a trail of accolades in his wake. From building and selling successful restaurants to starting up a new software platform dead set on preventing premature restaurant failures, he’s been crushing it. His latest venture is a restaurant location intelligence platform created to help CGOs, Development Directors, and restaurateurs find locations primed for success. It’s called Borne, and we dive into the details in his episode!

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Podcast Episode with Adam Golomb, president and CMO of Primanti Bros and restaurant technology guru

EP 32 / Adam Golomb / President & CMO of Primanti Bros & Restaurant Technology Guru

Adam is a wealth of knowledge on restaurant marketing technologies and the convergence of multiple systems into a coherent vision. He’s built the Primanti Bros. brand from a regional niche tied to a singular sports team, into a viable and thriving regional player that’s growing at impressive speeds. With a dedication to data and insights derived from tech-fueled information, Adam has spearheaded impressive growth. In this episode, we scratch the surface of his thinking and vision, and so much more.

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Podcast episode with former Coca-Cola executive Patrick Magill on imagination

EP 31 / Patrick Magill / Chief Growth Officer for Green Room Collective & Liberator of Imagination

Patrick is a former Coca-Cola executive and McDonald’s dishwasher as well as many other well-known brands. In his tenure, he’s amassing profound insights and valuable skills in locking imagination and creativity in leaders of all walks. In his newest post, he’s been putting those skills to good use in a consultative role.

In this episode, we chat about the Great Resignation and how to attract top talent in the current reality. We unpack how brands can pivot to take advantage of new buying and shopping behaviors, and we weave in the idea of imagination and innovation.

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Karl Travis, Senior Interior Designer, Partner, NCIDQ® at Hager Design Intl.

EP 29 / Karl Travis / Senior Interior Designer & Partner at Hager Design Intl

Interior design and architecture have constant challenges with restaurants. From nuanced local codes to behavioral shifts in consumers, they must be on their feet at all times. My friend Karl Travis and I chat about these challenges along with the design trends hitting the industry as a result of pandemic-fueled behavior shifts in this episode of Forktales!

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