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Behind every restaurant, beverage, and hospitality brand is a story. Many stories, in fact. While we all get to see the outside, it’s rare that we experience what’s happening before the fork hits the table. Forktales is a podcast aimed at being a loudspeaker for those stories as told by industry leaders. From veterans to the up-and-comers, Forktales brings the stories of the restaurant, beverage, and hospitality industries to the forefront.

Hosted by Michael Pavone

Michael loves a good story (he’s got plenty of his own and he’s not afraid to share them), but he’s particularly passionate about people and their own stories. Stories about growth, motivation, beating the odds and entrepreneurship in the food and beverage world. Finding those stories and sharing them is why Michael is on top of his game as the host of Forktales. 

When he’s not serving as the host of an industry-leading podcast, Michael is the CEO of Pavone Group, a fiercely independent collection of nine equally fierce and focused marketing agencies.

Michael’s unshakable passion for food and beverage marketing and storytelling is why he founded the food and beverage agency quench in 2014. It’s also why he added restaurant and hospitality branding agency Vigor to the Pavone Group roster in 2020. That hunger is what fuels Pavone Group’s success today and it’s on full display in every episode of Folktales. 

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Forktales - a podcast that feeds food and beverage

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