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EP 26 / Justin Bartek / Director of Marketing at Jinya Ramen Bar

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Justin and I have always had fantastic conversations and this episode is no different. We talk about the rise of ramen in the United States and how it's begun to shift from trend to staple. Justin dives into his approach to marketing and how he's tackled the challenges of a growing franchised full service restaurant brand.

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Podcast with Justin Bartek at Jinya Ramen Bar
EP 26 / Justin Bartek / Director of Marketing at Jinya Ramen Bar

Show Notes

  • Jinya is franchised across the US and Canada
  • 40 locations with a plan to add between 15 and 20 restaurants
  • Pork broth is a 20 hour process


  • “What it comes down to is the best marketing is word of mouth” -Justin
  • “Trying to define who that customer is and once you have that definition then, putting the resources to where those folks are: -Justin
  • “I cant underscore enough how important it is to truly think local at all costs” -Joseph
  • “I try to let the data tell the story and kind of guide us” -Justin
  • “If you’re not communicating with your franchisees on the “why”, they can go rogue rather easily” -Justin
  • “It’s not just explaining what or how, it really is why” -Joseph
  • “An elevated experience isn’t just the food, it’s all of it” -Justin

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