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EP 25 / CJ Moyer / Founder of Presley’s Mobile Bar

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Designer turned barkeep steps onto the show to chat about this new format of bar experiences: the mobile cocktail bar. From weddings to corporate events, Presley's has been gaining momentum. But what are the challenges and how is CJ and his team overcoming them? We unpack that and more in this week's episode.

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Charles CJ Moyer founder of Presley's Mobile Bar
EP 25 / CJ Moyer / Founder of Presley's Mobile Bar

Show Notes

  • Decided to go mobile first to get feet wet and understand how the industry works.
  • They tailor the bar options and garnishes to the season 
  • RAMP Certification – certification that servers and bartenders need to receive in order to serve food and beverages.
  • Presley’s is named after CJ’s goddaughter


  • “Make an experience with your brewery” -CJ
  • “If you don’t have good beer to match your experience, you’re going to get washed out unfortunately” -CJ
  • “What I’m really yearning to find is a brewery who really starts to take the brand seriously” – Joseph
  • “I’m hoping that we just find a stride where people realize it’s not just the beer, it is the brand and people really need to start buying into the brand” -Joseph
  • “We want you to have the experience that you’re sitting down in a really comfortable dim lit bar” -CJ

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