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EP 23 / Heather Stennis & LeAnne Cavallero / Cinnaholic

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My chat with LeAnne and Heather is as sweet as the food at Cinnaholics. We chat about their rise to leadership within the organization and how the brand has realized growth during the pandemic and in the aftermath. We dive into their working relationship and how the collaboration has created a powerhouse of a brand.

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Cinnaholic leadership podcast interview on Forktales
EP 23 / Heather Stennis & LeAnne Cavallero / Cinnaholic

Show Notes

  • Cinnaholic, a gourmet cinnamon roll bakery, was founded in 2010 by a husband and wife team in California 
  • No freezers, rolls are made fresh everyday
  • Menu is 100% vegan and over 20 frostings and toppings
  • Owners went on Shark Tank in 2014, deal fell through so they decided to go into franchising shortly after that.
  • Each location has their own Facebook and Instagram page
  • 59 units opened right now
  • Menu Innovation
    •  Have to think USA and Canada from a sourcing perspective
    • Change flavors at least 5 times a year
  • Don’t focus on being 100% vegan in marketing
  • Future of Cinnaholic — lots of growth and new markets!

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