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EP 16 / Jen Kern / CMO of Qu, Host of Restaurants Reinvented

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Jen is an absolute awesome energy in person and on the episode. We talk about why building restaurant technologies API-forward isn't just a good a decision, but the ONLY one. We dive into what restaurants need to do today to compete and grow, and we have a helluva time throughout.

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Podcast episode with Jen Kern, CMO of Qu, Host of Restaurants Reinvented
EP 16 / Jen Kern / CMO of Qu, Host of Restaurants Reinvented

Show Notes

  • What makes Qu unique is that they built their entire platform for the modern era, for digital transformation, for forward-thinking operators that understand the value and importance of the technology platform working for them.
  • Qu was built as a digital first POS with an API approach
  • API = Application Programming Interface. In layman’s terms, it’s a series of commands that says “if you want to speak to me, these are the words to use”
  • Qu was built expressly to service the enterprise restaurant industry (fast casuals and QSRs only over 25 locations).
  • APIs are natively modern and built to be very easy to integrate and they can integrate with about any system.
  • Operators need choices so giving them an API approach makes that possible.
  • Qu APIs are native and bi-directional with 3rd party delivery partners
  • Qu built a product specifically for ghost kitchens and virtual brands within the last year. One tablet that funnels all orders from delivery partners in one place.
  • When IT, Ops, and Marketing are working off of one system with one data set, they can create goals and shared ideas around that.
  • Jen’s current read: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • If you’re a strong Marketer, you have strong left and right brain
  • Simon Sinek – Start with Why
  • Your purpose is beyond the food, it’s something bigger
  • Restaurant Reinvented available wherever you get your podcasts


  • “Now is the time where restaurant marketiers and marketing as a concept is so ripe for anyone in restaurants to take advantage of” -Jen
  • “The APIs aren’t meant to work with one system, they’re built from the ground up to work with any system” -Jen
  • “Restaurant operators today have no business pulling data manually and putting it into other systems, they should not have to do that” -Jen 
  • “Speed, agility, and innovation, that’s what we want to give restaurateurs.” -Jen
  • “You just need that one system that’s got that API first and API forward approach” -Jen
  • In regards to tactics driving messaging: “By saying that your hamburger is the best, you are in effect, saying to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet that their favorite hamburger isn’t good enough, and that’s not a very good approach” -Joseph
  • “Why are you in business? It has to be more than to make money” -Jen
  • “Our psyche and our perceptions of our senses do drive the flavor and the expectation of the food we’re eating” -Joseph

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