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EP 03 / Betsy Hamm / CEO of Duck Donuts

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Betsy Hamm is a two-horned unicorn charging ahead at a growing brand. At the time of this recording she had been promoted from Marketing Director to COO and since that time she has taken up post as the brand's CEO.

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Betsy Hamm CEO of Duck Donuts
EP 03 / Betsy Hamm / CEO of Duck Donuts

Show Notes

I absolutely loved the conversation with Betsy Hamm of Duck Donuts. When I first met Betsy, she was in charge of marketing for the brand. Since that time in 2019, she has charged ahead in her leadership role. At the time of this episode, she served as COO of the organization and since recording, she has taken up post as CEO!

In this episode, we cover a number of topics facing Duck Donuts and the restaurant industry as a whole. She has fantastic insights from the perspective of a growing leader for a growing brand.

Marketing is KEY to the growth of a brand both from a consumer perspective as well as operationally.

Having a great team = success!

Operation teams are just as important in marketing efforts as the marketing team since they’re the ones who execute and activate ideas on premise—success comes from everybody being on board and invested in an idea.

Great products are not enough, you need to be able to pitch and empower your brand (ur kids r cute but someone out there thinks they look like a cow’s butthole.)

Online ordering is a b*tch for everyone an evolving process:)

Making it easy for customers!

Duck Donuts rebranding just before the pandemic (plans to roll it out end of first quarter of 2020) focusing on being DUCKLISH*, i.e. nobody can duplicate the duck. Using the duck more visually, utilizing “duck-in” language (stupen-DUCK). Watching franchisees provide donuts to people during COVID led to the “Sprinkle Happiness” campaign.

What’s the future for DD?

  • Starting 2022, accelerate per year growth with a GOAL of 50 stores/year.
  • Non-traditional locations are a big focus (ref: Calif. store that is outdoors and in a container!)
  • Markets that might need backfilling, and targeting markets that are likely to be successful.
  • More food trucks slated—being more mobile and getting to where the customer is vs. waiting for them to come back to the store.
  • Emphasising convenience—maybe a drive thru locations? Pop-ups?
  • Improve UX when ordering online.

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