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EP 01 / Sam Slaughter / Author, Copywriter, Lover of Cheeseballs

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In our inaugural episode, I speak with Sam Slaughter. Sam is an author of a fantastic drinks recipe book, a copywriter at Vigor, and a lover of cheeseballs. We have a relaxed and fun chat about the state of spirits and drinking culture and dive into the story behind his episode image.

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Sam Slaughter podcast interview, copywriter, author
EP 01 / Sam Slaughter / Author, Copywriter, Lover of Cheeseballs

Show Notes

Sam has played a major role in the creative outputs at Vigor, but that’s not the only part of his story. Sam has served as a spirits critic for major magazines, a bartender for reputable bars, and even wrote a book that seeks to capture the hearts of everyone born in or near the 90’s. In this episode, we cover many bases on the state of the beverage industry, what’s trending, and great ideas. We also have a lot of laughs.

Take a look at Sam’s book on Bookshop.org: Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum?: And Other Cocktails for ’90s Kids

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