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Ep 56: Andrew O’Shea / Founder of Wellspring, Wellness Expert & Builder of Culture

Podcast episode with Andrew O'Shea, founder of Wellspring on restaurant mental health and wellness

Just a few years ago, Andrew worked in HR for an accounting firm. He was 60 pounds overweight (but hungry for change) and then he discovered a yoga program sponsored by his employer. Today, he’s a certified wellness program coordinator (CWPO) and the founder and CEO of Wellspring, a company that creates kits filled with wellness products that employers can distribute to its employees to help build a health and wellness-based culture.

In this episode of Forktales, Andrew talks about all things wellness, including how wellness can impact a company’s overall productivity and its bottom line. He also chats about the importance of individualized care, building culture and his love/hate relationship with carbohydrates.

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